What to expect


What to bring to your first pole class:

A water bottle. Space on your phone to take pictures and videos. A positive attitude. A pair of shorts.

What not to bring to class:

Jewelry especially rings

What you can expect after class:

Tiredness. Elation. Bruising. Happiness.

What you can do before your next class:

Watch pole videos on you tube. Practice your moves at your local park. Stretch.

Tips for a succesful first class:

Dont apply lotion or cream to your body that day, especially your hands:)

Eat a good meal a few hours before hand and drink a big glass of water

Make sure you know the location of the studio, it can be tricky your first time. Google Maps sends you to cumberland, we are NOT in cumberland. Right behind the driftwood mall on Kilpatrick, we are in the Harbour Kitchen Complex.

Try not to worry, Pole is super fun:)