History Of The Sport Of Pole

Pole Dancing has a long and colorful history. It has the oldest roots in India and China as a sport. More recently, Pole Dancing has been a performance act in circuses and traveling fairs from around the world.  From these circus perdformances, Pole Dancing began to evolve into a new style of performance in North America. It started as circus then became more of a burlesque act then has evolved into the commonly known adult only performance. In 1968 in Oregan, Washington the first ever pole dance for sport was recorded. Then in 1984, in Canada, the first instructional Pole Dancing Class was created. After that Pole Dancing as a sport took off. It is a combination of gymnastics, acrobatics, contortion, dance and performance. Pole Dancing can be practiced simply for fitness or can go as far as competitions, with competitions being held Internationally. This is a sport that is now including both men and women, children and adults. It is challenging its historical stereotype as an 'exotic only' performance and proving itself as an amazing form of exercise. 





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