Nothing has held my interest as long as the sport of Pole!!! I began taking classes 8 years ago at  The Comox Valleys first pole dance studio, Femme Natales Pole Fitness, under the Impressive Instruction of Natalie Fustier and Nadyne Moldowan. Over my 8 years experience in Pole Dancing, I have been a Student, Performer, Provincial Competitor, Instructor and am now very excited about my new role: Studio Owner.  Impulse Studio was created when Femmes announced that they would be closing there doors after 8 years in business. Knowing that (Myself) and the Valley would be at a loss with out this rapidly growing sport, I took the leap towards one of my biggest dreams. I hold Level 2 NCCP Gymnastics Coaching Certificate and have been coaching for 9 years in the Comox Valley at Courtenay Recreation Gymnastics.  I am also Fitness Theory Certified and First Aid Trained. I have experience instructing and performing Aerial fabrics and am a current student of dance.IMG_2482